Thursday, May 28, 2009

Getting Yours

OK, long time no posting. There has been just a little going on- I have moved into a new place and am going through major financial stuff. But I still have a job and there are lots of new beginnings and I am grateful.

I had targeted doing the Bike Across Florida ride on May 3- 170 miles. I felt that my training was spot on. The ride was to be on the Sunday before moving on Tuesday. The previous weekend I felt a cold coming on and finally by Friday before the ride I gave in that I was not going to make the ride as I stayed home from work with a fever.

I have been watching American Idol and Dancing with the Stars. (No judgements please and I am glad to have a DVR so I can just watch the performances and skip everything else). Anyway, on both shows I thought the unexpected person won. Adam Lambert- the guy I expected to win on Idol did not win. I thought everyone else was competing for second place. The same thing on Dancing with the Stars- of the two finalists, Gilles and Shawn- I thought Gilles would get it hands down. Instead it brought to mind one of the things that James Arthur Ray teaches- everyone gets what they need. I really think Adam did not need to win Idol, he is going to be a superstar. Kris Allen, the winner is not as charismatic as Adam, but now he is forever going to have the title of winner of American Idol which may turn out to be a bigger boost to him than it would have been for Adam. On Dancing with the Stars, Gilles has found a passion for dancing and says it will be a part of his life from now on. Shawn Johnson is only just graduating from high school and although she has an Olympic gold medal she is still very young and has been somewhat isolated in gymnastics. She says that she grew on the show and learned how to work as a team, not just compete for herself. I believe that winning that show will do wonders for her self confidence and this accomplishment may even be life changing for her.

So, did I get what I needed by getting sick and not doing the ride? I had more time to focus on packing and moving. I learned that the training plan I put together for myself worked. I have spent time with my two dogs to adjust to a new place and develop a solid and rewarding relationship. I will knock out another 200k next weekend to keep my R-12 going. I also have the beginnings of a really cool bike room. I took what would have been the master bedroom (the larger one of the two bedrooms) and have my weight machine, treadmill, trainer, workbench, and other fitness stuff almost set up. Tools and organization is making progress too. So, like my mother always said- when you don’t get that thing you really wanted, something else even better is going to come along.