Friday, July 31, 2009

Florida in July

Well, last weekend I got another 200k done- 5 more to go. This time there was a group of 10 doing the permanent route and it was great. I had riding companions and it made the day go much faster. Not in terms of total time out on the road- I had a faster average speed but more time off the bike- but the company was great.

The only thing was that there was no relief from the heat. By 2 pm I am sure the feels like temp was way over 100. So, the last 2 hours were tough to get through. I did and had a huge gelati as my reward when it was over. Yippee, I can see that R-12 award now!!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Ride Faster, Faster!

Just a quick update. I have been riding the latest 200k's by myself so in the heat here in Florida I have been spending about 8.5 hours on the bike, usually with an hour off the bike. I have been training my body to ride long but slow. To meet some of my longer term goals, I need to get faster. Last weekend I went out for a group ride with a faster group on the hills (we do have some small ones west of Orlando :-). It was foggy in the morning and the good news was that it seemed to really help climbing when I could not see the hills. I hung in until a couple of miles from the store stop and then dropped off again a couple of miles away from the place where they met.

It was tough but exactly what I need to do right now. The older advice to ride faster was to ride with a faster group. I do like the way that Graeme Street goes about it, I just did his Spin class #8 off the bike upper body work and on bike over-under intervals. Whew. I chose this specifically because I have to travel the next couple of days for work, so plenty of recovery!

I will do another 200k this month, maybe start really early or maybe start in the evening and do a night ride. I am on the downhill side of the R-12 and we will get to the nice part of the year after the heat breaks. Earlier this year, when I re-evaluated my goals and decided to do the R-12, I thought it was going to be fairly easy. I mean in comparison to a 400 or 600k this was an easy day. Well, it has been a little more difficult than I thought, mainly from the motivation side. Now, after halfway I am finding more positive thoughts and look forward to ticking them off. Of course, it is TDF time, so everyone wants to ride anyway. Vive le Tour!