Monday, August 24, 2009

134 miles in Florida in August

Only mad dogs and Englishmen and a small band of randonneurs were out on Saturday. The group chose the longest available permanent route to do in the hottest month in Florida! We started at 6 am with lights on for a short time until the sun came up. We did fairly well up to the lunch stop with a nice convenience store with a Subway. I was happy it was before 11 am and I got a breakfast sandwich. Yum.

It was getting pretty hot and humid with limited shade for a couple of hours after lunch. We got a reprieve because it rained- mixed blessing. It got overcast and a lot cooler but I do dislike riding for several hours with wet feet. I guess that just made taking my socks off at the finish that much better. I felt really strong on the way back. I tried Anti Fatigue caps from Hammer again and they seemed to help.

We got back right at 4:30pm and I treated myself again to a nice tall gelati at the Italian Ice shop down the street. I had a steak thawed in the fridge for dinner but couldn't work up either the appetite or energy to cook Saturday night. Steak and eggs for Sunday brunch sure hit the spot! Funny how everything turns to thoughts of food after a big ride, especially one where I felt good.

I have been doing more core work- I do love the variety that Graeme has to offer, never get bored with the same workout. I am just starting to think ahead to Sebring next February and think about a plan for that 24 hour race. I think I am laying the foundation work right now and once it starts to cool off down here I can really start making some progress. Let you know about the 200k in September!