Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tortoise is on the road

OK, so it seems really slow but I have taken a couple of steps forward. I had a massage last night and she did a lot of myofacial release work on my hips and low back. I was having a chicken and the egg paralysis by analysis time trying to figure out whether to have a massage or not. I usually reserve it for when I am training and need recovery so I felt that now I did not deserve it. Yeah that looks really stupid when I write it down! So, anyway, I was having a lot of trouble with my right hip and psoas so I made the appointment.

Lesson- it is easier to keep it going when you feel better. So the massage was a good idea and it loosened me up a lot. I even stretched before bed. I rode in to work this morning and had a nice start to the day. It was tempting to not ride as it was drizzling a little but as ever when you overcome that inertia, it turned out to be a nice ride, not too humid (this is Orlando!) and cool because it was overcast. I will ride home tonight and plan on a core workout tonight. Say Graeme do you have a hips in 5'?

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Getting started

I have been struggling with getting motivated to get out there on the bike. I have allowed life and stress to get in the way lately. I have started a new/old job (meaning I am back at the same company for the third time- crazy or a great choice, hoping for the latter) and am working on getting my single speed dialed in for commuting. More on that in a sec.

I have done some long distance rides in the past, brevets, half of Paris-Brest-Paris, 12 and 24 hour races etc. My previous PR for 24 hours is 357.5 miles. I have thought about it a lot and I need to work on a few things to meet my new goal. Of course, fitness- and I know Cyclo-Club is the right place to give me tools and forums for advice etc. Then also I have yet to find the right saddle that I can stand beyond a 600k. I have resorted to the old randonneur or randonneuse standard of a Brooks which I am working on breaking in. Finally, I really need a dedicated crew that will hand off bottles etc so I do not have to stop.

So, to meet this goal and overcome the motivation thing I am participating in the Everyday Cyclist Challenge. Nothing like making it public to make me accountable! So, I went out today with my local ladies cycling club. It was the first day of Century Training. We had 5 newbies whose goal is their first century in 6 weeks. I saw some old riding buddies and had a really great ride and did feel pretty good, maybe better than I should, nice surprise.

I am riding my singlespeed to work I would like 3 days a week but last couple of weeks schedule has only allowed for 2. Nothing like a one day trip to Miami and back (4 hours drive time each way) to blow the heck out of the day. And last week it was twice!! So, onward and upward. My goal for this week is to get a couple of new components for the commuter bike to make that work better. I also want to get in a couple of core sessions to make a start to get that back. Let you know how it goes!